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FDA & FTC Compliance Attorney


Review Legal Regulations

Before you launch your product or service . . .

If you manufacture or sell a product for human consumption, we can help you comply with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations regarding advertising and labeling your food item or nutritional supplement.  

If you advertise or market any product or service to consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines will determine how you can communicate to consumers.  We can help you navigate through these regulations.  Our Denver law firm focuses on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) law and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance, particularly with supplements and nutritional products.  We can provide assistance with:

  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements

  • Review of product labels for FDA compliance

  • Advice on food supplements

  • Private label agreements

  • Review of marketing materials for FDA and FTC compliance

  • Rules and guidelines for sweepstakes and contests

When you’re planning to bring a new product or service to market and/or are entering into an agreement with another business that falls under the scope of the FDA or FTC, we can provide legal advice and assistance. 

What are the FDA and FTC?

The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that regulates the release of new health products and new foods.  The Federal Trade Commission is an agency within the U.S. federal government that regulates fair and free competition and enforces federal antitrust laws, including those that prohibit price-fixing and false advertising.  Both of these regulatory agencies have complex laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed. 
We generally provide label review on a flat fee basis, which includes review of the relevant regulations and warning letters (if any) particular to your product and a comprehensive memo detailing proposed changes, as well as citations to the rules and regulations you should be aware of.  We have also advised companies regarding hemp based products, and are happy to discuss this developing area of the law with you.  For more information on FDA laws and compliance or FTC laws and compliance, please schedule a consultation, or e-mail us.

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