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Buying or Selling a Colorado Business

We Can Help You . . .

Do The Deal

Buying or selling a business is usually one of the biggest events in an entrepreneur's life.  We can help with the legal aspects of the transaction.  Our services include conducting due diligence, drafting/ reviewing letters of intent, stock or asset purchase agreements, including intellectual property representations and warranties, and evaluating contracts regarding equipment and property.

Specifically, we can assist with the following, so that you can focus on whether the deal feels right and makes sense to you:

  • Due diligence for buyers:  we can review all legal documents relating to the target acquisition company and provide a comprehensive summary to you, to ensure that the company you’re purchasing has value, and that all of the appropriate contracts are in place

  • Due diligence for sellers:  we will get all your i's dotted and t's crossed so that you are poised to get the best price for your company

  • Drafting and review of stock and/or asset purchase agreements

  • Review of intellectual property representations and warranties

  • Evaluation of leases (equipment and property)

  • Draft or review of all contracts pertaining to the purchase, or sale of the business

Ready to Buy or Sell?

Let Us Help

For more information on sales, mergers, or acquisitions of a business, please schedule a consultation, or e-mail us.  We are happy to meet virtually or in person, depending on the circumstances.

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