20 Years of Trademark Expertise  

Trademark Search, Registration & Protection Services

Our Denver law firm focuses on intellectual property and brand protection, including trademark searches to clear a mark for use and registration; applications for registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; monitoring existing marks; and strategic enforcement and defense.

We work with clients one-on-one to come up with the best strategy for each situation.   Our trademark legal services include the following:

  • Trademark searching and comprehensive trademark clearance: we help you determine whether a proposed brand (name or design) is available for use and registration!
  • Trademark applications / registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Responses to USPTO Office Actions
  • Proof of pending Federal registration, to help Amazon sellers
  • Monitor new applications filed with the USPTO  to determine if they are problematic with respect to client's existing trademarks
  • Review watch notices and provide recommendations for formal or informal actions to take against potential infringers
  • Draft or respond to cease and desist letters for trademark infringement or dilution 
  • Service mark, certification mark, and collective mark searches, clearances, and registrations
  • File or respond to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board opposition and cancellation proceedings.

By hiring an experienced trademark lawyer, you ensure that everything is done properly – that you’re not infringing on anyone else’s trademark and that you won’t have legal issues down the line.  Anyone can click the buttons on the USPTO website - but we can help you think through a comprehensive intellectual property clearance and protection strategy before you do that. 


Trademark Packages & Fees  

We offer a variety of trademark search and trademark application packages to suit the varying needs and budgets of individuals and companies.  Our packages and prices are customizable based on client's needs.  We named the packages after the difficulty ratings ski trails.  In general, beginner slopes and indicated by green circles on the trail maps and signage; intermediate slopes by blue squares; and  advanced slopes by black diamonds.   Please schedule a consultation to receive a firm price quote based on your particular situation, and get started with our firm!

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Bunny: Clearance Only

We offer trademark clearance for the DIY'ers who still want the assurance of working with an attorney to confirm the proposed word or design trademark or service mark is clear for use and registration. 

We offer a comprehensive search and analysis of proposed marks.  This includes using proprietary software to check the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Database for exact matches as well as similar words or designs used for similar goods or services; state business database records; and a "common law" search of unregistered users revealed by social media and web searches. 

Once the search is completed, we will share the results with you, and schedule a 20-30 minute call to analyze and review the results.  

Green: Clearance, Consult & Apply

This package is designed for people who are comfortable handling the remainder of the registration process following the application being filed, and will monitor their own brands against potential infringers.

Our Green package includes everything in the Bunny package plus:

  • Clearance services for up to two additional marks if your first proposed mark is not available.
  • A meeting to discuss results.
  • We research, prepare and file the application for registration of one single word or design mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office fees in one class of goods or services* for marks that are already in use**

*Please note, the additional attorney and Trademark Office fees that will be due if the application is filed on an Intent-to-Use basis, or for multiple classes of goods or services, are NOT included in this package

** If the Application is filed on an Intent-To-Use basis, you will be responsible to pay the USPTO the fees to file the Statement of Use.

Time will be billed on an hourly basis for review and response to any communications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office following the filing.


Blue: Clearance, Consult, Apply, Represent and Monitor

This is our most popular package to search for, analyze, apply for registration of, protect, and monitor a trademark.

The Blue package includes everything in the Green package, plus:

  • We will search up to four additional marks if your first proposed mark is not available.
  • We represent you throughout the entire registration process with the USPTO
  • Unlimited communications with your attorney throughout the trademark registration process***
  • We prepare responses to any Office Actions you receive from the USPTO, whether they are administrative or substantive in nature
  • We monitor your mark for potential infringers for one year following registration

** Includes up to four hours of consultation regarding analysis of search results and application strategy.

Black Diamond: Branding + Application + Complete Confidence

If you plan to invest a significant amount in your new brand, or are starting from scratch and need help creating one, the Black Diamond package is for you. 

This is the most comprehensive package.  The Black Diamond package provides a high degree of certainty that the proposed word or design is available for use, and documentation of clearance search results.

Includes everything in the Blue package plus:

  • A bound third-party search report documenting the results of the comprehensive search of the mark you have selected.
  • Product/company naming workshop conducted by business branding specialist
  • Clearance services for up to 10 marks
  • All attorney and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office fees, whether you apply based on current use or proposed future use of a mark
  • Unlimited communications with your attorney throughout the branding and trademark registration process

Did you know?

A trademark is any word, phrase, name, logo, symbol, or device such as a sound or color (or any combination of these) that is used to identify a particular good or service and distinguish it from other products and services.   Trademark owners actually have "common law" rights in trademarks beginning on the date of first use, within the geographic area in which the mark is used for particular goods or services.  

You’re not required to register your trademark, but by doing so, you claim the exclusive nationwide right to use the mark in connection with the particular goods or services, which is important for brand protection.   Most businesses invest a significant amount of marketing money in branding.  We can help you do it the right way so that you don’t waste your money or have issues down the road.

Want to protect your business or brand?

We're here to help.

Schedule a strategy session to go over your situation with an attorney.  We will provide feedback on the course of action that will best protect you from a legal perspective, including any concrete steps you can take now.   If you schedule a trademark consultation and later buy one of our packages, the price of the session is applied to your package.

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